Rose & Willard: empowering, sustainable, ethical elegance from Great Britain



Yves Andrieux and Vincent Jalbert: Bringing New Life, Beauty and Elegance to Vintage Military Fabric


While walking around in Paris, I accidentally stumbled upon the gallery/atelier of Yves Andrieux and Vincent Jalbert:  what they are making is simply amazing.  Their vision and work ethics behind their craft, products, and art are incredibly inspiring.  Below is the link to my article written for Eco Fashion World.  If you find yourself in Paris, you absolutely MUST visit them!  It is so worth it!

Crispina ffrench: Where Creativity Meets Environmental Concerns

My article about crispina ffrench: a remarkable “air breather, water drinker, mother, wife, textile artist, entrepreneur.” What an inspiration, what a pleasure and treat it was to meet her!

Objets de Désir: all things fun, unique and beautiful!


To read about the online boutique Objets de Désir follow the link below:

Corinne Monique: the vision and passion of a young, talented, emerging ing Canadian designer.

One of the great advantages and most fun aspects of playing “fashion journalist” is interviewing people.  Corinne Monique, a young, talented, emerging Canadian designer took the time to share her vision and passion with me.  I thank her for being such an inspiration: another wonderful example of artistic sensibility, inner strength and determination.  Thank you Corinne!Image

Photo by Corinne Monique